Welcome to the RCMS website. Here you can find out about the music going on at Robinson College, and learn how to support and get involved with the society’s projects and recitals. 

Our Spaces


The chapel is our main performance and rehearsal space in Robinson College. Not only does it have a beautiful interior, with a stunning stained glass window designed by John Piper, but it also is one of the best acoustic spaces in Cambridge. In the chapel, we have an impressive collection of instruments; a Steinway Model B, a David Rubio two-manual harpsichord, a four-rank chamber organ, and a Frobenius organ built in 1980. If you would like to use the space for a concert, please get in contact with us.

The Chapel of Robinson College
The Music Room of Robinson College

Music Room

The Music Room is suitable for large groups and bands, and contains a Yamaha grand piano. The RCMS drum kit may is stored here and can be hired by groups wishing to use it. The Music Room is frequently used for rehearsals by Brickhouse Theatre Company, and can also be booked for personal use through Robinson College Music Society Room Bookings.

Music Practice Room

The Music Practice Room is suitable for smaller ensembles (up to 6) and individual practice. The room has an upright piano. There is also a collection of vocal scores of various choral works.

The Music Practise Room of Robinson College
Records in the Record Room of Robinson College

Record Room & "Hi-fi" Room

The RCMS has an extensive vinyl/CD collection where students may drop in and listen to a vinyl of their choice or rent out a record. Furthermore, if there are any records you are desperately eager to hear, we may be able to help.

Our “hi-fi” room used to house a premium sound system, but has since been replaced by another grand piano and a clavichord.

Contact us

Robinson College Music Society has a small committee of students. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at admin@robinsoncollegemusicsociety.com for advice on all things related to music at Robinson College, and view our Facebook page, Instagram or YouTube.